2010 March : pi3 blog



by pi3

One day I was reviewing all bugs in bugtraq IDs (popular bids). I want to know which kind of bugs is it now popular and what is the trend of modern bugs. I came to two main conclusions:

1) The most popular are SQL/XSS bugs but in 60% this is found in software which nobody knows/uses (stupid kiddie)

2) We’ve got 2010 year and there is still possible to find stack overflow bugs! The most funny thing for me there is more remote stack overflow bugs than local 🙂



by pi3

28th of February I had a IT group meeting.  On this meeting I had been giving lecture about modern rootkits, virus and malwares for 1 hour. The presentation give a point for malware called bankers, attacks for device (skimming), new attack for CHIP cards, and how rootkits hide in *NIX systems. I have had really positive feedback so I’m happy that people likes my talking 🙂 Personally I think it wasn’t bad 🙂

I can’t publish my presentation but if you know me I can talk with you about my topic of lecture 🙂

Best regards,

Adam Zabrocki