by pi3

I had a long delay in posting on the blog… Several reasons made this situation:

*) When I came back from CERN to my family city I had only a few days to move to the city where I’m studying (~650 km from my family city)

*) I need to bought a car because of moving my staff to another city  (I love Toyota RAV4 – the best cars from the 2000-2005 years, unbreakable! :>)

*) I’m also studying a pedagogic

*) I had A LOT OF exams – in the both faculties ~20 exams – finally I pass everything ! 🙂

*) Parallel I started work in the Wroclaw Centre of Networking and Supercomputing (thanks to Bartlomiej Balcerek and Pawel Dziekonski). I was doing pentests and auditing the source code at the PL-GRID project…

*) Parallel I was discussing with some guys from CERN about my thesis and new project in the security team…

… finally I came back to CERN once again 😉 I’m working in the Security Team for one of the project which will make Linux system safer and parallel I’m working on my thesis from Computer Science – cooperated with CERN, and I’m working on my thesis from Pedagogic (f**! I must finish it up to 14th of March 2011 ;>).


A few news:

1. When I was working at the WCSS, we found with friends (Bartlomiej Balcerek and Maciej Kotowicz) very nice remote overflow bug in Torque server 😉 In fact exploitable 😉

2. Phrack 68 is going out close to May 2011

3. The new funny website arose – http://niekoniecznik.pl 😉 Unfortunately it is only in Polish language. It ridicules new trend in “security” – publishing every shit as it can be – unexploitable bugs, vulnerabilites which can do DoS of your client, etc 😉