by pi3

CONFidence is an annual IT security conference that will take place on 28-29th May, 2013 in Krakow. This is one of the biggest and most valuable conference in Central and East Europe. This event is famous not only from the good quality of presentations, but also (maybe most of all) from the great atmosphere of the conference itself and the after party 🙂

A lot of great speakers will attend to the conference this year. Details can be found here.

I had a pleasure to give a talk at Confidence in 2007. I was presenting my research on MIPS architecture which in fact directly affected ERESI project. Among others I’ve fully implemented disassembler for that arch – libasm library.

After almost 6 years I’m able once again to attend Confidence and have an opportunity to give a talk. My topic is “Crashdumps: hunt 0days and rootkits”. I’m not going to present any unknown techniques neither hardcore technical root-cause analysis but something different. I would like to show a little bit different approach for the crashdump. Crashdumps as source of interesting information for administrators, NetSec guys, or in general status of the network and in fact not only that. The full abstract of my talk can be found here.

Btw. If you are going to Confidence too please let me know we can make some beers or juice if you don’t drink alcohol 🙂


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