I had a pleasure to give a talk at the Confidence 2013 conference. This year conference was in Krakow (28-29th of May). The first CONFidence conference was organized in 2005 and from the beginning became one of the biggest security event in the Europe. Each year many speakers from all around the world attend to the conference. As you can realize schedule of the conference usually keeps high technical standards.

This year I was talking about Crashdumps. Crashdumps are often underestimated source of very interesting information. It is a common belief that they are used only for application/system bugs/vulnerabilities analysis. In this presentation I would like to show a little bit different approach for this source of information. Microsoft Windows allows to change default configuration for WER/CER protocol in such a way, that all generated crashdumps will be stored in a custom storage. This is very useful in a large corporate networks, where we can find tens, hundreds or even thousands of machines, because more than a hundred crashdumps may be generated per day. In most of the cases administrators are afraid of a critical information leak (XBI, PII) via crashdumps, but could they gain some useful knowledge about the network status via this source? I was trying to show what kind of benefits could be gained if we start analyzing crashdumps independently and in a little bit different perspective…


Official topic of my talk was: “Crashdumps: hunt 0days and rootkit”. Now you are able to see it online:

In fact it wasn’t my first talk on this conference. In 2007 I gave a talk about shellcodes on MIPS architecture 😉


Some of you may realize that conferences are not only about the presentations! In fact for me the most valuable is possibility to meet old friends and get new one 😉 Especially from the IT sec world… This year I was able to meet my old team from Hispasec 😉 Polish Hispasec division had 4 employees:

– Gynvael Coldwind

– Mateusz ‘j00ru’ Jurczyk

– Marcin ‘icewall’ Noga

– … and me – Adam ‘pi3’ Zabrocki 😉

Because each of us continues their career in own way, it’s very difficult (and rare) to meet together again. CONFidence gave us opportunity for that and this resulted on the following photo (click to enlarge):


From the left: j00ru, pi3, Gynvael Coldwind, Icewall…

There is space for next photos 😉


Best regards,