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I haven’t been posting for a long time. One of the main reason of this situation was of course…. TIME. As some of you is aware I changed my job which involves form me a lot of time, energy, time, travelling, time, recruitment, time, closing old task and time 🙂
Last year I was working as security consultant in great consulting company Cigital. Some of you maybe know CTO – Gary McGraw. My main task as a Security Consultant at Cigital, was working at a large financial institution as part of the Application Security Architecture team. Working on many different projects alongside the development teams within the organization to ensure security is thought about at the requirements stage of the SDLC. Then I work with the development team throughout the development, testing and deployment phase to ensure the application is secure. From this short description you can realize it is mostly high management job compared what I was doing for my last years (research). I met a lot of great people there – mostly Greek “maphia” guys (greetings especially to Alexios and John :)) where we had a lot of fun not only at work 🙂 Of course in company was working other great people which wasn’t Greek (greetings to David, Luca, James, Florence :)).
Anyway after a year I decided to come back to what I love (research) and this is the reason why I’m now at… Microsoft.
In the mean time I was discussing in many companies but MS was more flexible, openmind and “helpful” comparing to others that I decided to go there – especially they have section (group) which perfectly matches to my job preferences.

My current position is “Security Software Development Engineer” and I’m Member of Science team (Research) in the Microsoft Security Engineering Center – Trustworthy Computing. The projects where I’m involved is mostly touching 0day (zero-day) attacks, mitigations, etc.

Below you can find some photos:

*) Enter to my building

*) Inside of my temporary house – fireplace

Maybe later I will upload more photos if someone wants (but don’t believe :))



Btw. I did not remove meta data from the images – so maybe you can find smth you shouldn’t. I’m so unprofessional 🙂


Best regards,





  1. an_animal on 10.04.2012

    cool, congratz for your new job!

  2. ZoczuS on 10.04.2012

    Kongraty i powodzenia 😉

  3. admin on 10.04.2012

    @an_animal: Thanks!
    @ZoczuS: Dzieki 😉

  4. wheelq on 10.04.2012

    moah pics!

  5. Varun on 10.05.2012

    All the best dude!

  6. admin on 10.05.2012

    @Varun: Cheers mate! How is it going? How is your new position? 🙂

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