My name is Adam Zabrocki and this is my private blog. I use nickname ‘pi3’ (usually) so you can find me on some IRC servers.

Currently, I’m working as a Distinguished Engineer (Offensive Security) at NVIDIA. During my research I’m especially focused on:

  1. Various computer security topic:
    • exploitation techniques
    • bypassing security protection in user and kernel land.
    • rootkits (especially in Linux systems)
    • UEFI Firmware (PEI, DXE, etc)
    • CPU and GPU microcode
  2. RISC-V architecture!
    • I’m actively working on HWASAN and MTE for RISC-V
  3. Some of the research of my work and you can find on my personal website here.
    My profile on linkedin and twitter.


    Best regards,
    Adam ‘pi3’ Zabrocki


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