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It’s long time I haven’t been posting here. Just quick update, excluding private conferences where I gave a few talks (which I can’t mention), last time I was a speaker on some known conferences:

Security B-Sides in Warsaw 2014 (as anonymous speaker). I was talking about attacks on modern x86/x64 architecture (like TLB-splitting, virtualization, AMT, etc.). Conference has warm and homely atmosphere which helps to integrate every attendee. This is rare opportunity in modern industrial IT sec world…
Secure 2014. Each year conference is more and more well-known and famous. CERT Poland (organizer) strives to keep high value of his baby and every year invites most skilled speakers. This year (2014) I had a chance to gave an official talk on behalf of the Microsoft: “The exploitation arm race between attackers and defenders”. I’ve received massive positive feedback which is for me the largest acknowledgements of my work. Conference is very professional and prepared down to the last detail.

From the most modern news:

– I have found a bug in nginx (on Win32 platform) and official patch can be found here:

– One of my friend started interesting project – hack.it. The aim is to show as realistic as possible documentary / reality about IT security industry. Nowadays IT security is a “hot” topic (more than ever) which doesn’t help to promote proper transmission. It’s is not first time when someone is trying that, unfortunately not many projects was successful on this field. I wish him the best and I hope to receive the highest quality of the documentary which can be done, because I know he can do it 😉

Btw. I hope I’ll have more time to be more active here… 🙂
Btw2. Ponieważ obiecałem znajomemu, że napiszę jakiś post z dedykacją dla niego, dedykuję ten wpis dla Mateusza “shm” Kocielskiego 🙂

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  1. matrixpl on 02.03.2015

    To ja w zasadzie mogę umieścić tu pierwszy komentarz….bo w zasadzie czemu nie 😉

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